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We strive to reach lives with a transformative and empowering encounter

Latkings Outreach Program is an adolescent-focused organization that is implementing projects surrounding ASRHR. Over the past 16 years, Latkings Outreach Program as a local NGO has played a significant role in strengthening the multi – sectorial response to HIV/AIDS and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) through prevention programmes using combination approach methodologies. 

Latkings works to build and strengthen the capacity of communities, Community Based Organisations and health institutions to foster healthy behaviours and to deliver selected health services in various communities. Please fins attached to learn more:

More About Us

We Facilitate Safe Learning Spaces


— Our Mission

We are a non-government organization with a focus on mitigating the spread of HIV and AIDS through the delivery of innovative value added mobile health care services, capacity building networking and sensitization programs through behavioral change communication to the general population.


— Our Vision

A productive society that is free from HIV/AIDS and leads a healthy, responsible and productive Life.